Crossover Field Elements ~ Issue with the bridge

We are having problems getting the bridge in the new field elements to tip properly. We’ve rebuilt it twice just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake on our end (although still not 100% convinced!). Is anyone else having issues? The problem seems to be with the main ramp frame hitting on the sub-frame / connectors. Wondering if the sub-frame connectors are supposed to be on the outside of the frame (mistake in the instructions). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

At Worlds, they were inside the frame.

Thank you! Third time was a charm and the bridge is working. Clearly a build issue.

I’m having issues with what sounds like the same thing…would you be able to post some pictures of how you changed yours? We’ve rebuilt ours as well, still having same issue.


We have been having the same issue. The key to resolving it was paying very close attention to steps 3-13 and 3-15. Specifically, do not use the center hole on the base attachment strut. At a glance, this nuance is difficult to discern in the instructions, and I suspect this is a common error.

The giveaway that this is your problem is that the center pieces of differing color on the top surface will be off-center on either side.

Wish someone would post a video. Having same issues.

In my experience, when the bridge is not staying tipped properly, it is because the Bridge is improperly assembled. The most common mistake it placing the “Pivots” in the wrong holes of the stationary 1 X 10 beam (see attached image). If the pins are in the center hole (red arrow) the bridge will be close to centered on the field, but just far enough out off alignment to cause some interference with the “ball guards” and make the magnets not hold. The pivot pins need to be in the hole 1/2 pitch away from the center hole (green arrow).



Attention to detail in building this is key. I spent 20 mins trying to figure out why it wouldn’t stay in the down position, my magnets were off by one. They need to touch to work properly. Of course me, laying on the floor on my stomach, while wearing bifocals is the optimum position to work on this. Going to renew my request for the new transparent plastic parts!

I came on here to ask a question about if the bridge can start tipped and saw this. So glad! Our bridge was having issues, too. Now it is working…yay! For those that may still be having issues, if you look at step B-46 you can see that the piece that attaches to the field needs to be centered between the blue and the orange. Once I made sure that those were centered and re-attached it, the issue was solved!