Crossover Hexballs or 0.25x pitch standoff WANTED


I’m looking for some 0.25x pitch standoffs. These were used the crossover hexballs together, and may have been used in other sets also. If anyone has these or hexballs for sale, please let me know.



Hexballs are still available for purchase from the VEX Website. They can be found here:


Thanks for the idea, unfortunately a whole set (14 hexballs) is out of our budget.

I’m really just looking for 5 or 6 hexballs, and was hoping that someone might have some extras for sale inexpensively.

If anyone does have some extra hexballs, or 0.25x pitch standoffs, please let me know.



Where are you located? I have some hexballs, and I’m willing to pull the standoffs out and send them to you, for little cost.