Crossover Scoring

In a forum discussion,

There is a photo of 6 hexballs in the 5 point goals. I would like to know the actual score that would get. There were several opinions. Only 2 in the top row score in those volumes. But the other two up there, do they count in the lower 5 point volume because it’s hanging over? Or the one that is hanging over the front, can it count as 1 point because it hangs over the scoring zone?

Ignore the hexballs on the floor because we can’t clearly see them.

Here’s my totally unofficial answer:

Those 2 would be 0 points each since the balls are neither within the 3D volume of a goal (elevated goals have 6.25" height according to page 6 of rules) nor touching the floor. Thus they do not meet either of the criteria for being judged as “scored” on page 7 of the rules.