Crunch Bot

How many hours realistically do you think a middle skilled team with 3-4 people take to build a crunch bot?

Rought estimate, but I would say about 2-3 hours should be plenty of time to build the robot. If I’m not wrong, no parts need to be cut, and given the parts, I don’t think that they would need to spend more than 2-3 hours. The instructions that vex provide are 53 steps, so I wouldn’t expect it to take more than 2-3 hours unless significant mistakes are made. I’m also accounting for finding screws in a small box, which can take time.

link to the instructions:

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Out of curiosity, why do you ask?

This might be a stretch, but perhaps @outsidermm is on or coaches a 3-4 person team that plans to build a crunch bot? Maybe?

with 3-4 people working on it i’d say around 1- 2 hours if you already have the parts and understand the instructions. maybe 1 hour if those parts are organized


Parts organization is key. Get some cupcake tins and sort the parts out. Then sort the larger metal, wheels, etc. Having sorted parts will cut your build time in half over rummaging around in a box.

It also gives you a way to go over the right names for parts vs the current trend of attaching a weird name.

I can build one by myself in an hour, so 2 hours with 4 new people including sort time would be my estimate.


In our organization, we typically build the VEX trainers only during our Summer STEM camp offerings, so kits are fairly organized, with all parts radially available. In the camp schedule, we would allow about 4 hours for a trainer build (2 students per trainer), with an experienced “helper” for every 3-4 groups of students. There is an “open start” activity, typically driving around and doing the appropriate “skills challenge” for which the trainer was designed, that give early finishers something to do while the slower teams finish building their trainer bots.

Usually, each group will have already built the V5 Clawbot trainer in an earlier session (allowing 2-4 hours), so there will be some familiarity with how to work the VEX system.