Crystal management at World's

My teammates were having a talk the other day and we were wondering: How will the crystals be sorted out at Dallas? From what I know there will be approximately 400 teams at the World’s but I’m pretty sure we won’t have enough frequencies for the several matches at the same time. Also, has it been decided how big each division will be? [if there are division, which I’m pretty sure there is]


If its the same as last year, crystals are left on the fields and only one match is run at a time with the next immediately after.

It doesn’t matter – somehow, some way, we’ll end up matched against each other until the end of time. :slight_smile:

At Pan Pacific (~88 teams), there was only one division, but three fields cycled (12 crystals). I think there was only one division at last year’s VRC championship too, with two fields.

I liked the efficiency of the two-division setup at FTC Worlds last year, but I could see it being frustrating for multi-team schools (12, 13, and 14 last year) if teams were alternated between divisions. The Pan-Pacific setup was perfectly fine, and it allowed partners to win with each other (687j and 687k).