Crystals with Cortex

Yesterday we sent in our VEXnet keys in for the trade in program. In the meantime I was wondering if I could use the crystals to control wirelessly. I noticed that there are RX ports on the Cortex, so maybe these can be used.
If I can, would I use Easy C v2 or V4.


You would need RF receiver module and a RF controller. I would just use the remote you have and plug the controller into the USB port with a male to male USB cable. You would need a long cord or run along with the robot.

I have the receiver and remote, but should I download the program to the cortex with Easy C v4 and then connect the receiver. I already tried this, but it wouldn’t connect.

Oh OK. It should just work like normal. I would try a non competition template. Might want to check out a vex RF controller troubleshooting guide I’ll look for one.

Click on the inventors guide link near the bottom. It talks about the tether port I would try that out to see if you a communication problem or another issue. Hope that helps.

The RX ports were working at one point but are not officially supported anymore. Let me know if you desparately need VEXnet keys and I can lend you some (but not before Tuesday).

Thanks everyone for your help.
I was actually able to find an old PIC and I should be able to use that with RX. I think my serial connector is broken , but that is an entirely different matter.