CS2N Vex Toss up? Over $10,000 in prizes

I don’t think I’ve seen this posted anywhere (on the forum).

Has anyone seen this?
Sounds interesting with good rewards for winners.

Do we upload a CAD of our robot to this? I’m downloading whatever this is now, but the designs they showed in the video just look bad.

And do we HAVE to use RobotC? I’m fairly comfortable with EasyC after a couple years, but we were going to switch to PROS this season. I guess I could learn RobotC just for this.

Not entirely sure. Here is the manual:

Yeah, read that. Honestly not that much information to be found.

Oh well. Challenge doesn’t open for a month anyway.

I really doubt that you’ll be able to upload a cad. Seems far too “hard” to simulate adequately.

Guys, it’s a RVW (ROBOTC virtual worlds) challenge, all virtual, yes you have to use ROBOTC. I assume the submission would be software.

Oh. I thought it was the “Robot Virtual Challenge.” Feel kind of stupid now…

By chance do you know if I can upload my own robot?

To answer your question about uploading a CAD, no. You actually can’t do that at this time with Robot Virtual Worlds. You’re given a choice of two robots. There’s information here, too: robotvirtualworlds.com/vex.

Does anyone know if they have done this sort of contest in the past? I’ve heard of RVW but never a competition for it.

Here is the Sack Attack RVW release. Not sure how much they expanded upon the robot selection in Sack Attack, but I wonder if they’ll be adding a wider range of robots for the RVW in Toss Up.

We got the thing running earlier this evening. RobotC is surprisingly easy to use. It allows us to write better conditional statements than EasyC does, and is honestly faster. I’m liking it. If we can’t get PROS, we’re going to use this.

While the idea for a virtual Toss Up is cool, these robots are… disappointing. It takes the BuckyBall Robot 20 seconds to grab a pair of objects, drive to the cylinders and score them. Which it has to do from the side. Without Mechanum and strafing, that’s interesting to line-up consistently. All this means that for us to score all 10 BuckyBalls that go into the Cylinders, we’re going to take around 85-100 seconds. With only 120 seconds to play with, it’s not possible to score all of the objects. Which irritates me, because with high-speed motors on the base and/or a better method of placing the BuckyBalls into the Cylinders, we could cut the time to fill them down to 65-75 seconds.

We’re having fun with the project, sure, but I would at least like the option to score everything if we could code really well. It’s just not possible to go fast enough. I’m having to consider what the best strategy is for the CSUN challenge based on the design restrctions. It’s completely different from the real Programming Skills.

Oh, and the scoring strikes me as wrong. Are we seriously not going to score the large balls on the Bar until they fall into one of the zones? I figured they would count for the Goal Zone unless they were pushed the other way. The
same for the BuckyBalls on the Bump. They should be scored in the Middle Zone unless they get hit backwards.

Or that’s how I read the rules for scoring. Apparently I was wrong. That one should be more clearly written in the manual.

What does everyone think the high score is going to be? I’m pretty sure it won’t break 100.

To the best of my knowledge, no. During the announcement @ Worlds, they said it was a “brand new” online challenge.

Hi everyone,

Here’s a quick rundown of the 2013-2014 CS2N VEX Programming Challenge:
What is it?**

The 2013-2014 CS2N VEX Programming Challenge is a programming specific challenge (no joysticks allowed!) using a modified version of the new VEX Toss Up game field in Robot Virtual Worlds.
Sounds interesting. How long do I have to build the ultimate code to win this?**

We’re working on finalizing details on the CS2N side, but the earliest date for submission is 05/31/13. You’ll have until 8/31/13 to submit the code (this is to help the Summer of Learning initiative, after all, so we want to give you all summer to work find the best solution). Winners will be announced 9/30/13.

Winners? You mean there’s prizes?

We will be awarding over $10,000 in prizes, including software, robot kits, scholarships, and additional prizes. Final prizes and awarding structure will be announced soon, so keep an eye on the official CS2N competition page (http://www.cs2n.org/competitions/vex-toss-up) for updates as they appear.
Ok, now I’m interested. But wait a second, what happens if I don’t have Robot Virtual Worlds or if I don’t know how to program in ROBOTC?**

No problem, we’ve got you covered. We will be offering a free Robot Virtual Worlds license to all participants when you sign up through CS2N.org. The license will last for the duration of the competition (until 08/31/13).

If you are new to programming or would like a refresher course on programming in ROBOTC, we have our VEX Cortex Video Trainer Curriculum free for use at any time. The Video Trainer Curriculum assumes no prior knowledge of programming and walks you through, step-by-step, on how to use ROBOTC’s C-based programming language to control your robot. We will also be offering an online class for the ROBOTC for VEX - Summer of Learning Challenge, which you can sign up for on CS2N.org.
Alright, but what if I want to use a custom robot? Can I import a CAD model in to the Robot Virtual Worlds and dominate the competition?**

Unfortunately, that functionality does not yet exist in Robot Virtual Worlds. However, our RVW Level Builder with Model Importer was the first steps in developing that technology. As of this time, the project is currently under development and we plan to release it as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the ROBOTC blog (www.robotc.net/blog) for updates as they become available!
You didn’t answer the question I really to ask, which is…**

For all other questions and inquiries, take a look at the 2013-2014 CS2N VEX Programming Challenge and the ROBOTC subforum specifically for the 2013 Robotics Summer of Learning (this is also the place to ask for official answers to any questions you may have). And as always, keep an eye out on the CS2N.org page for new information as it becomes available.

Thanks in advance for participating, and good luck!

Edit: I almost forgot; don’t forget to check out the new RVW site (http://robotvirtualworlds.com/vex/) for all things RVW, including some tutorial videos and sample code to get you started.

Teaser; the RVW team also has Multiplayer Support in the works, which is expected to be out near the end of summer 2013. Enjoy!

First, thanks for all of this information!

Second, I created an account through CS2N.org, however I can’t seem to find where I can get RVW. Where do I get the RVW license? I attempted to register for the competition, but got a repeated error message: CS2N | Sorry, we’ve experienced an unexpected error :frowning: By the way, I have a standard ROBOTC license (no RVW included)

Can’t wait to compete in this challenge!

I’ve been able to replicate the issue, I will bring it up to the CS2N team tomorrow morning. I’ll also check and see what’s going on with the RVW license and either make sure it gets posted, or will let everyone know when it will go live.

Thanks for your patience, and (despite the last couple of lines on my previous post) feel free to ask me any other questions that anyone may have.

We don’t have to follow the Sack Attack rules, right? Just the ones in the manual for CS2N?

And we’re still having trouble understanding why different things happen every time we run the code. It’s a simulator. What’s the degree of error here?

They presumably have some sort of physics engine to simulate gravity etc. perhaps they can also simulate wheel slip and things like that.

Yeah, this physics engine is… iffy. I’ve flipped my robot by pushing the arm into the ground, I’ve thrown parts of my arm through the barrier and cylinders, and I’ve literally thrown my robot off the field while trying to high-hang. We’re making an album of funny things that happen while programming and driving in this environment. We might post it at some point.

And anyway, a physics engine should still keep us doing the same thing every time. It should ENSURE that the same thing happens.

Oh, I have another question. How do I insert the manual load? I can’t find the button anywhere, and the help menu doesn’t mention it.

Do you mean preload? There’s no match load this year, right?
Apparently there’s some randomness added in to this, so the same thing won’t happen every time.

I like how you said they “presumably” have a physics engine, jpearman XD

Do you need to have a copy of robotc to participate in this?

Here is what JohnWatson posted: