CTEEA Choate Rosemary Hall Qualifier doesn't actually qualify for regionals?

Hi, my team went to the CTEEA Choate Rosemary Hall Starstruck Qualifier today. Our alliance won the tournament. According to the description of the event on robotevents, the competition " is a qualifier for the Southern New England Championships." However, the awards page on robotevents says that we only qualify for the CREATE U.S. Open. Does anyone have any insight?

Just a heads up, your link for the awards page actually links to the North Andover competition, not Choate.
As for Choate only listing qualification for Create U.S. Open, I would assume that was just an error made on the competition page. I have heard nothing else suggesting that the Choate event would not be a qualifier for the Southern New England regionals. You may be best off contacting the person in charge of the event.

Hi, we were there at the tournament too. I had noticed the same thing before the tournament, so I emailed the event partner and he confirmed that it is a qualifier. He said that it just wasn’t on robot events for some reason, though. We won, so we also qualified, and we should receive an email from RECF soon. If after 4 days you still have not received one, PM me and I will let you know if I have or not yet , either. If not, we can contact the event partner again to confirm everything goes throuuhh.

Please be patient!

  1. EP submits results to RobotEvents.com
  2. RECF determines which awards will qualify for Regional/State based on # of teams participating

It is Saturday, take a look during the week and you will see the updated awards. This was the case for event we ran in Framingham.

Choate had a very good turn out! Look forward to seeing teams at middle and high school Regionals!

Does anyone know where to find the video footage of this event? Is it available? I can’t find it.