CTRLZ VEX Robotics Tipping Point RI3D

CtrlZ has completed the 2 robots in 3 days challenge. It started with the 24" robot in 24 hours and then the 15" and refinement of the 24" for the 3 days build.
Not everything is perfect, but they achieve a lot of what we wanted. There’s things on them we will do differently on the next ones.
Let’s hear your input. What works and what doesn’t? Constructive criticism only, no trolls please.



Really interesting, getting a lot of ITZ vibes from the designs. I dont really understand how the ring intake is meant to work, and your video didnt really show it in the act of intaking any rings.


great work building 2 robots in such a short amount of time. Really gives a good sense of how massive these goals are.


we had limited materials, no access to 3D printers, and working around full-time schedules. Consider subscribing for future updates.



Great work, lightning fast building.


Did you use the gyro to help balance on the platform?


Thanks for all the replies and questions. Sorry it took a few days to reply, most of the team is working full time so our time is limited.

@Clown : We saw the challenge as a cross between In The Zone and Turning Point, so we blended elements from both of them. The loop/donut/pringle things were the toughest part. We spent hours (which is an eternity in a 3 day build) trying to create the best way to collect and control them. In the eleventh hour we came up with a way, tried it out and had ESD on the intake so we didn’t get great footage of it working. But we might release a blooper video of them. The plan was to be able to pick up and collect in front of an onboard mogo and score the loop/donut/pringle without excess movement, but our metal was all too short for the proper implementation.

@Xenon27 *These mogos are massive, and our mockups are only the basic shape and overweight. At points they were almost 7 pounds during testing, that’s why the last version was swiss cheesed to get down to under 4 pounds. The width of approx 13" fitting into a 15" robot is tight. Somehow, we didn’t see that there wasn’t a limit on mogo possession. We probably would have had a dual mogo bot if we did.


@Gear_Geeks we had planned on doing that, but it didn’t happen in the 3 days for the build. For the video, it was our drivers and their communication.

Sometime over the next few days, if we can get the drivers together, we will record some more regarding the loop/ringle pickup. Hopefully…


Looking at your video, the light bulb went on in my head that the gyro could provide a really accurate method to control the balance. Good luck! Can’t wait to see the next iteration.