Cube air resistance

Having recently received the game objects I have been messing around with them and I have found that the cubes have tons of air resistance in addition to their weight that makes them a lot harder to launch then the same weight in stars. Does anyone know a way around that beyond raw power?

The deceleration of an object is roughly speaking related to 3 things, The object’s mass, the objects speed, and the area that the object presents to the oncoming air stream. Other factors play a role, but those are the 3 big ones. You can’t really shoot the star slower, you would loose less energy to drag, but it wouldn’t help you get the star a further distance. If you know a way to change its mass let me know, so that leaves us with the area, if you can decrease the frontal area you will have less resistance, so maybe try compressing the cube before firing?

More speed might be the way to go. Maybe build a launcher for 4 stars instead of 3?
The only way I can think of to reduce air resistance other than compressing the cube is turning the cube to lead with an edge or a corner, but that’s not reliable unless your intake can orient the cube correctly.

Honestly, I don’t really know if the speed at which we throw these objects is really going to create enough air resistance to matter. The hard part about throwing the cube is that it is “squishy”, so when you go to launch it, some of the energy is wasted “squishing” it instead of actually moving it forward. I think this is the actual affect you are seeing…not that air resistance is slowing it down. However, I am often wrong.

Personally I feel like the cubes have a tendency to absorb energy in a multitude of ways. Air resistance, weight, “squish”. All of these things can lead to a large difference between cubes and stars in terms of energy requirements for shooting.

Maybe pushing the cubes below the fence? Are the cubes small enough? <Let me check tommorow.

If you press down on the cubes and then push it under you can get cubes under the fence.

Could be a good way to do it, but you gotta be careful of <SG6>.

You would only get them into the near zone that way though.