Cube and tower shipping

I ordered 6 cubes, and the field element 1 set the Monday after the game was revealed. I got an email from Robot Mesh (the website I ordered from, not VEX) and it said that I would receive another email once the game elements shipped. The cubes and the game element kits both said they would ship on May 1st, today the kits just say “In Stock” and the cubes still say “Ships May 1st”. I mention this because I still have not received my shipment email. I personally have never encountered this problem before, does anyone know what’s happening. Should a mod be tagged?

Well I mean, it was a good joke.

Ships in 8 more weeks. (But that’s Vex, not RM)

If you’ve checked your spam folder already, I might give them another day or two, and then try to email them back.

[I honestly clicked on this, without reading the subcategory, thinking that we were going to make a meme about “shipping” (meaning promoting a romantic relationship) between cubes and towers. I’m still not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved]


i believe theyre shipping very soon/already shipped. some teams in texas were able to pick up their game and field elements from the warehouse in texas

I ordered from VEX, and I haven’t got a shipping notification either.

I’m not sure why VEX hasn’t learned their lesson with V5. If they know their logistics system can’t ship things on time, why can’t they just add a few days to the date? When I ordered a field, in the freedom hall at worlds, it said ships May 1st. I expect it to ship May 1st. I don’t know if I’m being unreasonable here, but VEX continues to disappoint with their logistics.

I’m assuming this is not the fault of RobotMesh, but since you did order from them, @RobotMesh_Support


Well that’s…

I wouldn’t know how to feel either.
And thank you.

I agree that they should’ve learned, thank you for tagging RM btw.

VEX has been shipping but their email responses have been lacking. Emails are probably stacked up after Worlds and they will be hopefully back to normal next week.

We received a full Tower Takeover field set last week.


Hi Golf.

Your order of a Tower Takeover Field Element Kit 1 is currently in progress at VEX. You will receive a shipment notification email as soon as we receive the tracking number from them.

The cubes, on the other hand, must be shipped to our Redmond, Washington warehouse first before they can be shipped to you. (We have to open the boxes to pull the colors you specified) We do not yet have any cubes in hand. You will receive the usual shipment notification by email once your scoring elements are on their way to you.

Cheers, Sam.


Thank you very much.

I ordered one ‘game element kit’ (half the cubes) on 04/29 and it was shipped on 05/03. I also received all the info emails (payment processed, order shipped, etc…).

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