Cube Compression Issues and More efficient roller designs (TrayBot)

Hey everyone, was just wondering if you had any ideas for increasing efficiency while picking up the cubes. As of right now, they have too much compression, and the cube goes into low earth orbit every time that it gets past the spinners. Another issue is that it struggles to pick more than 7 cubes. At that point, the spinners stop.

Thanks for the help, Yug

According to what you described, you have an over-compression issue. Posting pictures will definitely help. To try to pick up more cubes, keep your compression at about 5.25 in to 5.5 in. This is for the track, your flaps can go upto .5 in inwards. Ours runs 200 rpm and can do 10 cubes flawlessly and starts to struggle at the 12th cube.

You might also have to adjust the angle you intake at.

I cant help much with the compression, but to obtain more cubes I suggest adding rubber bands to your intake flaps. It may look your robot look a little jank, but it works effectively probably helping you pick up another cube or two.

Also 7 is a pretty good amount. Work on getting that consistent stacking and you should be alright.

Hope this helps!

Ok , can you send a picture of your roller assembly, I will post mine in a minute.

I’m at home right now. I might be able to post tomorrow.

ok, thank you (20 char limit lol)

I would suggest not adding rubber bands to the intake flaps because it might make the flaps positioned in inconsistent positions and like you said, this seems like a pretty jank solution. It makes more sense to put rubber bands around the sprocket closer to the inside of the robot if your rollers are not chained together or if you have arms make the arm bracing stronger so the arms don’t twist when intaking. If your robot uses Flipout rollers you could improve the hinges for the flip outs. I would also suggest using the forum search bar as there is already a lot of threads on cube compression.


Thank you all for the help, we got it figured out, and I am closing this thread