Cube Intake for Skyrise

Hey guys!

So with our robot Kilo, we have five different prototypes with bases and intakes, and we were wondering what intakes around the forum seem to be worth exploring. We have three different claw/scoops, a passive intake, and a type of elevator intake lift. Otherwise, we have managed to get our lift to raise up to 5’8’’ in less than a second!! :smiley:

Sharon Rose

That’s impressive! I was thinking a simple claw on scissor lift for the first tournament, and draw ideas from there. (It worked very well for us last year.) We are still in the pre-build stage sigh but we’re getting there.
In terms of the chassis, I would like to use omni-wheels mounted on a square chassis facing inwards mounted at an angle, so we can strafe, and all that nice stuff.
Hope you idea work out as well as I would like ours to!

That’s very impressive. Is that with or without any loads (cubes, etc.) on the lift?

That is impressively fast. Do you have any video footage?

That sounds very impressive, how much load is this lift under? And what is potentially the greatest load can it be under? So many questions…
As for intakes, it really depends upon what your design goals are, whether its a cube intake or a skyrise one. And what kind of capacity you want it to have.

WOW! That’s very impressive! I hope you have taken measures so the cubes don’t fly out top of your bot. At that explosive elevating rate, securing them is going to be important for everyone’s safety.

I guess that you are designing some heavy programs to help control your lift right? I guess joystick analog lift control is required in this case. Can it stay at any position? Else maybe some PID program will help control your lift.

That is with One cube in our intake on top of the lift. Though this is our first prototype (wheatly) reaching this height, we are working on our third prototype (jimbles notronbo) now that is so far reaching as high as the top stage of our first prototype. But we still have a lot of work to do to make a better intake system. We have been improvising with our Toss Up worlds bot was well, updating the intake into a scoop/claw type mechanism. So we shall see how it goes!

I will be posting Video Footage on youtube sometime soon, we are still trying to get together a compilation, which we shall most likely do in class today, I will have to talk to my partner though. But, as soon as it is posted I will put a link in this thread for you guys!

So far it is only under the load of one cube. Whenever we design our intake differently, we have a plan for the potential of two-three cubes at a time, so in that case we will definitely be re-enforcing our lift as soon as possible. For now, we are making tunnels from our chassis whenever we are building close to the base, so that we can have the extra support. I will be adding videos and pictures to our youtube channel as soon as I can, and then I will link it to you guys to let you know!

We are definitely taking the appropriate safety measures for the game this year. Securing them will most definitely be important, and we are currently brainstorming more ideas for the top intake mechanisms.

Yes, we are executing joystick analog lift control :slight_smile: We looked at using some PID program, and we might alter things a bit later on, but for testing purposes we are doing fairly well!

It’s amazing to see teams so far ahead of this competition in the early stages of this game. Keep it up, you are a real contender! Although it would be nice if you could post a picture, so I could understand the intake better, thanks.:slight_smile: