Cube jamming

Is anyone else having a problem where occasionally, if they leave the intake running while there are cubes in the tray, the cube touching the intake will jam.

We tried adding railing to the tray but its only mitigating the problem.

Well, that is the point. Mitigate the problem.

The cubes only get stuck if the rollers are to far apart and the cube turns at an angle jamming the tray so you should try to put the rollers closer together.


Ooh are you from 1961Z?? Big fan if you are

The cube goes up perfectly parrallel, but once it gets pass the rollers and its just sitting on the rollers, if we leave the roller running, the cube will turn and jam.

Whats the root cause? I havent seen any teams have the same issue

There is probably a bump on your tray such as a screw or the joint/hinge that the cube catches on and with the vibration/motion from the rollers will turn and jam.


I went back and looked at the licture of the roller and I THINK one of them is higher than the other. Im rarted, thanks for reply.

@Maccu2515 Cube jamming is easily fixable by having proper side guards in the desired locations. For instance, we have guards on both the intake portion and the tray portion to provide enough overlap to where no cube ever turns diagonally causing one of our rollers to fail.unknown

(I am from 1961Z, thank you for the kind words!)


Yep, that’s the idea.

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Lol that was embarassing for some reason i associate eagles with your team. Anyways thanks for the help

We have the some problem, only instead of jamming our intake throws the cubes out of the robot. We figured out that this is caused by the tray not being exactly in between the rollers. We partially fixed it by centering the rollers, but we also have to train our drivers not to run the rollers unless we are actively picking up a cube.


We had a similar problem, but managed to fix it. Basically, you want to somehow prevent the cube from touching the part of the roller that spins outward. We did this by putting tighter side guards at the bottom of the tray so the cube doesnt have as much space to wiggle.


For your issue of cubes popping out, try angling the rollers lower than the tray so that the rollers slightly push the cubes into the tray. That way the cube will always be going parallel/slighty into the tray and never out.


That is okay no harm done.