Cube Lock!

I have seen several teams use cube locks to keep cubes in their tray when swapping towers. My team wants to implement this on our robot. How do you build this?

There are quite a few ways to go about doing this, and the design that works best for you is based mainly on your configuration. As it stands right now, cube locks are still pretty confidential so you wont find anybody willing to give you instructions, but I can explain the conceptual end of things.

With this year’s motor config of your standard goofy, there isn’t really a motor to spare, so all cube locks are passive. A mechanism is then built either independent of or attached to your tray. The mechanism acts as a stopper, so that cubes won’t fall out. As the arms of the two bar come down to their resting position, they push a lever which releases the stopper. When the arms are lifted, the stopper resumes its position blocking the tray.

At this point I’ve seen about 6 different mech’s all that work well, but it’s definitely something you’ll have to figure out for yourself. If you check Instagram, I believe a couple have been leaked there.


What about a design that is a passive gate that alleviates the stress on the motors? Would that work?


If you mean a 1-way flap sort of configuration, no that won’t work. You’d need a way to release the flap and the only easy way to do this is with the two bar. However, if the flap is released when the two bar is down, there won’t be much stress being alleviated anyway.

Well… I can show you otherwise…:eyes:

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well, you could have a one way gate actually. you’d link the retraction to the tilter so that when you tilt to place stacks it lets cubes exit the tray.

No one is willing to share, those are still mainly kept a secret


You guys still have the idea wrong about a passive 1-way gate. Still watching until someone figures it out lol

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It’s not linked in any way to the arms or the tilter, or any other active mechanism on the robot.