Cube "manipulation" systems: pros and cons

I’m most likely going to use a DR4B for the TT competition.
What type of cube grabber system would be ideal?
The ones I have in mind are single-cube grabbing claw and double-cube grabbing claw. Perhaps an accumulator could work as well. However, I don’t think any of these designs are all that efficient. Any other ideas?
BTW I’m fairly new to VEX so not looking for extremely technical designs.

TT cubes have weird surface. Not easy to grab.

Best claw is either flats covered in rubbery mesh or two letters L shaped like this:

  L ⅃

I’m convinced roller intakes are the way to go


I’m planning a passive lock with the double L thing @Illyana was taking about. Not giving away the exact design but it’s worked well with what I’ve tried it on

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66 objects, 2 minutes. If you wanted to handle every object, that’s less than 2s per object. Claws ain’t fast enough for that. Something continuous will definitely make an appearance.


You don’t need to handle a lot of objects quickly- the bottom zone can fit one stack and the top can fit 2 stacks. This means that even if your robot can stack 6 at a time, you are only scoring 18 cubes, not including your partner. Factor in 6 towers and you have only scored 24/66 of those objects between both you and your alliance partner.

Rollers were extremely effective in FRC Power Up and are generally effective across a lot of robotics games. On the other hand, claws generally are not and with the weird contour on the cube this year they probably will be even less effective.