Cube ratchet

Can someone explain a cube ratchet? A picture would be greatly appreciated

I assume that you are talking about a similar mechanism to one used in 2114x’s 168pt driver skills run ( ) . If not disregard this. A cube ratchet(perhaps also called cube latch/other names) is a mechanism used to keep cubes in the tray while the arms are up to score a tower. I prefer to use cube latch because it acts more of a stop than a ratchet. The most common way this is done by creating a lever in the middle of the tray that rests in an upright(cube blocking position) when the arms are up. When the arms come down(to intake cubes), it presses down a (different) lever that moves the lever that was in the middle of the tray to go down. This allows the robot to intake cubes. I’ve made about 3 prototypes(none that have been good enough to attach to my bot). Possibly dm me if you want a picture. A good cube ratchet is very helpful in elite-level skills runs, but for non-advanced teams, I would recommend focusing your time on making a decent to really good traybot first.


As someone who witnessed said skills run in person, I can tell you that yes, it is a lock not a ratchet, and I have a couple designs CADed out if anyone wants some leekz. First person to DM me gets the leekz of my CAD.

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How exactly does it work?

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