Cube Robots and Skyrise Robots at Worlds

I have a few questions regarding robot abilities at worlds. Before asking them, I will give a brief overview of my robot and why I am asking these questions.

I have a 3 stage scissor lift, x-drive, and 3 cube conveyor intake. My robot can effectively score 3 cubes on all goals and a full skyrise. It can ussually get 19 cubes scored in a match (4 in auton+ 15 in driver). I have also made 3 different skyrise claw prototypes, but am having difficulty making them attach, flip out, or score effectively. As a team focused on cube scoring, I have these questions:

1- based on what you have seen, what percentage of teams do you think will be able to score cubes, skyrise, or both at worlds? (I ask because I want to know the importance of getting a skyrise claw and skyrise auton by worlds)

2- if your team was ranked in the top 8, what kind of robot would you select? Cube, skyrise, hybrid, one with a good auton, etc.

Please, anyone with an idea or opinion about this, let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:

From what I have seen, most robots are mediocre at skyrising and mediocre at cubes. I’m not sure if this will be the case at worlds though.

Regardless, the highest seeded teams will be excellent at skyrise and competent at cubes, with very high scoring skyrise autonomous routines. These teams will want to select high scoring cube robots with reliable cube autonomous routines.

I would recommend focusing on cubes and make sure your autonomous is high scoring and reliable. Talk to teams that you think might end up at the top of the rankings in your division early. Make sure they are aware of your abilities, and get them to watch one of your matches if possible. This way you should get picked by a strong partner regardless of your ranking.