Cube Scoring Mechanisms?

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone here has attempted to duplicate the efforts the discobots, 2587z, as seen here, and made a a cube catapult to reach the elusive 10th post? My team is in the stages of redesigning our robot for worlds and was wondering if a direct copy would be feasible on the worlds level.

As I said a couple of months ago, I believe this will be game-deciding at Worlds, direct copy would be your best bet at this point, no other design will have any chance at winning at worlds.

We have attempted to copy it, and the results were incredible! My favorite part is when you throw cubes at your opponents’ driver, it’s like a 5 second robot stun bomb. :wink: A direct copy would be very feasible for worlds on the worlds level, the results have been tested! :wink:

I’d be surprised if this design made it past world finals :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too :wink:

The catapult could be used to score on the 10th post, unless the other team decided to fill it up with two cubes.

The 5 second stun bomb idea should be very useful though :rolleyes:.

The Disco curse is a powerful force in VEX robotics.