Cube Tag caught on Robotic arm

At the end of a match, the tag on the orange cube got caught on a standoff on a robotic arm in the qualification rounds. The cube was not scored because it was not touching any scoring zone, was supported by a robot, which was supported by the center fence. For the elimination matches, the tags were cut open with a scissors so they would not catch. See the attached picture to see how the tag would catch on something. It is suggested to cut the tags open before all matches.
cube tag catching.jpg

Wouldn’t the cube be scored in the zone that robot is touching in this case? The fence is not solely supporting the cube as the cube is supported by the robot’s standoff.

That happened to us too. You really can’t do anything about it. Except cut the tag off the cube after the match.

How was the robot supported by the center fence? Just leaning against it or hanging on it so the robot was not touching the floor? If hanging from it, as a referee I would certainly give you a warning about performing an action that could possibly damage the field elements, but the cube would not be scored in that case. If your robot was leaning against the fence, then the cube would be scored in whatever zone your robot was touching. Otherwise, thank you for the heads-up on the tags.