Cube Touching the Wall

We had some confusion today. If a cube was touching the wall and was inside the red/blue square, would that cube be be counted as a 1pt floor goal in the final score. They thought that all floor goals would be counted unless it was touching the wall.

Is that the case? We weren’t able to find anything that supported that idea, but thought to check here on the forum and didn’t find anyting on the topic.

Regardless if the cube is touching the wall or not it IS counted as a 1pt floor goal. As long as it is touching the colored floor tile and NOT touching the matching color alliances robot, it is 1pt.

Just one minor nitpicky point here, the bottom cube on a skyrise also doesn’t qualify for 1 point as part of a floor goal :wink:

This is incorrect. If a cube is on the bottom skyrise base, with no skyrise sections on top, the cube counts as 1 point. It should be touching at least one if not both of the starting tiles.

No, the Skyrise base will slightly support the cube off the ground by a little measurement. It counts as 0pts until a section is placed.

Actually, Karthik once ruled that a cube scored on the Skyrise base without any Skyrise sections is worth 1 point. As soon as a Skyrise section is scored, the cube counts as 4 points for being on the Skyrise but not 1 point for being on the floor goal.

Edit: I found the post here.

True, I wasn’t specific enough. I was referring to the fact the bottom cube on a skyrise cannot count for both the skyrise and floor goal.

LOL, Great recovery!!;):wink:

It would seem I need to be MORE nit-pickey or say nothing at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a little of both. ROFL!!:slight_smile: