Cubes counter

Hello. Please help me. The robot must go along the line and count the cubes.

what exactly is the problem i might be able to help u out

The problem is in the cubes counter. The robot sees cubes using a color sensor. The counter does not count cubes or totals one cube as several tens. I would also be grateful if you have coefficients for proportional control for driving along the line.

You mean counting the black lines on the field? If so, you cant just increment when the value goes over the threshold since it’ll keep counting all the time it’s over the black line. You need to count once, then wait until the value goes back to the white threshold before you allow it to count again. There are loads of ways to do this but can post an example later if you need.

No, there are about ten cubes on the field that the robot must “see” and assemble in the correct order. For example, he passes the first circle and collects the second and third cubes and throws them to the base, drives the second circle and collects the fourth and first cubes and throws them to the base.

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