Cubes Popping out

So we have had problems with cubes popping out. Does anybody know how to solve this issue

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What’s your bot like?

pictures or name of the system youre using?

It’s a complex tray bot so it’s using rollers

We need so much context


Try angling the rollers somewhere between the trays angle then the ground. That way the cubes get pushed against the tray. It completely fixed the problem for my team.

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I’ll try to get a picture soon

if they are popping our of the intake rollers make sure the rollers are parallell to the tray. If they are popping out of the tray then consider a C-Channel tray or something along the sides to give them more support

image image

It looks like the rollers are steeper than the tray. That’s why they pop out. Flatten them out so they’re a bit flatter than the tray