Curious About Team 88909X

So, I just recently learned about a new team, 88909X. It’s a two person team, and they seem really good! They just recently won tournament champion with 315Y at the google signature event, and they’ve won several other competitions as well, I looked them up. Just wanted to know if any of you guys knew about them, and if they have a reputation.

They’re a very good team and the members are really nice as well!

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I would definitely say they’re one of the top MS teams in Norcal.

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Yes, they are very good. I watched the finals at the Google Signature Event and I would say with team 315Y they are undefeatable.


I agree with the other people, they are definitely one of the top MS Cali teams.

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No need to drag this poor team through the mud.


Hey @dole_jonathan,

First off, what team are you on? (are you a mentor or student?) And how can you be sure that the robot is mentor built? We (315) have scrimmaged with this team before and have seen only the students working on the robot before. Do you have any hard evidence that this team has its robot coded and built by the mentors?

I would refrain from throwing out wild accusations in the future without any proof :slight_smile: Thanks!


It looks more like a coordinated trolling by some burner accounts.

There were recently similar unsubstantiated rumors posted on Discord about some of the best teams.

@DRow could you, please, review logs and apply any disciplinary actions if necessary.


While I do understand you think they are a mentor built team, and appreciate your opinion, please don’t insult them, the VEX forum is supposed to be polite discussion. Also, I’ve been to several competitions with them and never seen them on their phones. My team actually approached them about alliance selection and they seemed courteous and polite. I want to ask where you found your evidence.


@DRow. - RECF Code of Conduct violation in these accusations on VEX forum?

Please lock or moderate thread.

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It amazes me how toxic this community is at times, for no reasons at all.


I agree, we have scrimmaged with them. They are definitely not mentor built and they deserved to win the signature event and the state championships.


I think they definitely deserve to win the tournaments that they’ve won. I’ve been to many of the tournaments they’ve been to and from my accounts, they seem very experienced and professional. dole_jonathan, I’d like to know where you got your information from.