Curious if this book would be considered binded

I know this book is spiral-bound, and that spiral binding isn’t accepted as a bounded book for the VRC because the pages can be shuffled around and added to.

But since this book has a printed template with page numbers, which will be written on with pen, I’m curious if the above reasoning still applies. My thinking is that it doesn’t due to the fixed page number on all the pages.

It would be great if I could get an Officials opinion.


If the book isn’t counted as bound legally in the VRC, I will get it thermal bound, it just takes more steps on my end.


The book pictured is spiral-bound.

If you want official answer, post to the Judging Official Q&A on robotevents.

You will need to wait until later this summer when the Judge Guide is published for this season. That will contain useful information. Late July after EP Summit.


Reason it isn’t considered bound is because you could completely rewrite a page. This is same reason why pencil isn’t allowed.

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Pages, are however numbered. It would be a lot of work to undo something.

Not really; if you have 2 of those, you just unwind the spiral, pop in a replacement (already numbered) page, and rewind the spiral. It only takes a few minutes (it is something I have done in the past for adjusting comparably bound pre-printed items).

They are pretty clear on the bound notebook rules - as discussed in various Q&A & commentary over the years, an important aspect is that pages cannot be added or removed. It should be equivalent to the one received in the welcome kit, and they have specifically stated on multiple occasions that spiral and comb binding do not qualify.

Full stop. Spiral-bound. As someone who has done judging, I would not consider this bound in the required manner (regardless of the pre-printed numbers). I will also point out that you should try and make things as straight-forward for your judges as possible; if they have to have a deep discussion of whether your notebook qualifies for the bound points or not, that’s a potential problem you could easily have avoided.

However, as @lacsap has said - the only way to get an official answer is to post to the official Judging Q&A when it is open.


This will NOT count as binded, and this notebook would deduct points just by using it. I am almost certain that this would not pass the “Binded” rule in the design award rubric.

This should be consider bound. The pages are not removable.

Yes they are. Just unwind the coil.


If you were trying to remove the page instead of moving it somewhere else, you could also just… tear the pages out completely to remove them, and then clean up the leftover paper on the rings. Probably the biggest reason spiral-bound isn’t considered a bound notebook.


Ok, if Vex doesn’t consider it bound, we must go by their rules. Professionally, hand written engineering notebooks have not been used for many years, it is all done digitally. At least at Intel that is the case. Engineering notebooks are kept but all done digitally.
As far as unwinding the coil, I have no idea how someone would do that. The ends are bent, and not able to be unwound. They are however able to be ripped out and cleaned up.

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