Current Robot Skills High Scores

A couple of days ago the high score posted on the robot events site was 144. Looking yesterday, and today, the current high score is 130. Anyone have any idea of what happened? Since the top 3 scores qualify for World’s, it is of some importance.

I can’t explain, (I saw them, also) but I believe the high scores were from this event:

There may have been an error in the scores. It does seem odd that together, the top two teams only scored 84 points, but alone they were able to score 144 and 132.

I would suggest using the scores that are currently on the web site (130) as official score.


I know bith teams and was at the event. On skills they made 144 and 132, but on the final they made much less cause it is difficult to coordinate with the other team to get the cubes you need or follow your route to achieve those scores.

The 132 team Technobot has been invites to the worlds cause they won execellence at worlds, it may be possible why they took him out. The 144 team I have no idea why they took him out. Puerto Rico teams have a final showdown the 30th, both teams will participate. Let’s see if they can beat their numbers.

Apparently it is some kind of mistake, cause they erased all the scores from the VEX IQ Challenge celebrated for Middle Schools in Puerto Rico.

Aloha Kaverman,
Would you happen to remember how many cubes were stacked in each color and how many cubes were pushed into the scoring zone? This is so I can just get a mental picture of how the field looked at the end.

Aloha Sean Young,
I noticed in your post that “the top 3 scores qualify for Worlds”. On the VEX World Skills Scores site it says specifically that the top 30 scores get invited to Worlds (off to the side where it defines the green label). However, on the VEX IQ site for skills scores it only says that “Skills Scores will qualify a team for the World’s top 3”. It does not necessarily say that the team is invited to the World Championships as explicitly as on the VEX World Skills score site. Would you be able to cite the resource you looked at to come up with this determination? I really hope the invite is true but the skills site just does not give enough info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

See this document:

Skills Challenge Qualification to State/Regional/Provincial/National Championship Events:
• Skills rankings for all events will be included in the VEX IQ global rankings on, which may be
used to qualify teams for a state/regional championship and also the VEX RoboticsWorld Championship. Check
event listings on for details on Skills Challenge qualifying criteria for state/regional
championship events.
• The top three Robot Skills and Programming Skills teams listed in the global rankings as of March 2, 2015 will
earn spots in the VEX IQ World Championship. If there is a tie in the rankings, or space becomes available to
accommodate more teams, invitations may be extended to additional qualified teams.

Aloha Steve,
Thank you for the document. That made it very clear. Much appreciated.

Hijack for the win


I don’t feel comfortable discussing other teams strategy; but we will them meet this Friday (Jan.30) at our state competition for a chance at 1 of our 3 spots for middle schools at the worlds. Both teams will be there. We expect it to be a very high scoring event; lets see if we can keep up and steal one of the 3 passes.

Aloha Kaverman,
Ok. Best of luck Friday. Go team!!


Both of our teams qualified for the Worlds by winning the Teamwork Award at Elementary and Middle School levels.

Our middle school team came second at robot skills, the team that beat us had 156 points (12 cubes x 3 green highrise) + (12 cubes x 5 blue highrise x ) + (12 cubes x 5 red highrise). We finished second in programming as well at the middle school division.

Awesome Job Kaverman!! Congratulations on your world slot. Go Team!!