Current Skills Rankings Question

I recently checked out the current Skills Standings on Robot Events and noticed that there are already scores being submitted, I assume through videos. I also noticed that under the column “Highest Programming Score Timestamp” and “Highest Driving Score Timestamp” all results are the same, being displayed as “-0001-11-30 00:00:00”, and this is consistent through both VRC and VIQ.

Does anybody have an answer to what this exactly means, as I am only able to understand that “00:00:00” would be the timestamp, but have no clue what the rest means? And why are all the results for every team the same,?

Hmmm i have no idea why

Skills stop time is currently not functional but don’t worry, Vex will implement it Soon™


It doesn’t appear to be stop time. A timestamp is when something actually happened.


RE can use stop time in rankings without displaying it, but I think it would be good to display the stop time in parenthesis beside the individual skills scores.


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