Curving on Robot

I try to drive straight, but my drivetrain keeps curving. Any idea why this is happening?

I suggest using the search option before making your own thread.
Here’s a post of mine that talks about the same thing. Hope your answer is there!

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It’s probably your robot.
We need a picture of the robot and the code first, and preferably a video of this happening.

It might be the controller

It might be because you have more weight on one side of your robot than the other. Try to balance out weight or switch out your motors. One of them might be overheating.

Again, it would be a great idea if you posted an image or two of your robot so that we can better help diagnose and fix its problems you mentioned above.

All robots have a certain degree of drift but minimizing this comes from mainly designing and building with better quality, and good programming but I think your issue is probably just from the build.

Check for extra friction on yhe slowe side. Check if all of your motors are good.

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