Custom Accessories

So I have been browsing the internet looking for a few custom accessories but there is one specific thing I cant find:** custom sunglasses**. I want to be able to print some text on the front of a pair of pinhole sunglasses, but I can’t seem to find any. And preferably, I don’t have a problem with ordering more than I need, just not 200 and such. Thanks!

Here’s some website results from a quick search I did just now…I don’t know if you’ve already seen these sites but it’s worth a try I guess.

You can’t ever go wrong with Ray-Bans -

Buy these & get them in less than a week -

Here are some more pinholes for if you have about $1,000 just sitting around -

I couldn’t find any pinholes on this site but at least they’re under $100 -

I can find more if need be. I’ll just need some more info on what you want like price range or ship time, but yeah these are just some quick suggestions.

You can get 2 free samples for $5 shipping at this site.