Custom Apparel

Hey guys!

Might be a bit late about this but having done Vex before, I know a lot of teams end up paying a lot of money on apparels for their team. Just to put myself out there and give you guys an option, I’m super close with this custom apparel company called Fresh Prints and can get you guys great deals on any kinds of apparel that you want for your team. I’ve attached some previous orders below so y’all can feel em out a bit but if you want more info, send me a DM!


Corperate sponsors are great for this as well my team is at a district center with tons of sponsors. So we get T-Shirts with corporate logos on them for free which is cool

also, you probably don’t want to be giving out your phone number or email freely.


@DRow Contact information


also it is a business model to have students promote the company if you visit the website.

This appears to be marketing scheme.


kinda a good thing for companies to sponsor merch because then we get the merch for almost or just free. Plus if more companies want to sponsor you more money for the team

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