Custom Arcade Drive Control (copied from Official Support)

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EasyCv4 GetJoystickAnalog gives back a value of -127 to +127.
– too bad the HELP button doesn’t tell you that.
– The SetMotor block dialog shows that it expects -127 to +127, so 0 is stop. This is different from EasyCv2, which is what you are expecting.

Welcome to Vexforum; here are two additional clues;

  • Learn to use the search boxes; Likely most of your questions have been asked and discussed before, and all that is available nearly instantly, without needing to wait for response from the current users.
    There are many threads about custom coding arcade, dead band, slew control. Also check the CODE forum for examples.

  • A large part of the value of a forum is that Community support and open technical discussion are open to answering by the whole community of experienced users. The “Official support” forums can only be answered by the few Vex people, when they have time. General questions are answered much quicker, and often better, by the open forums.

Another Issue is that the following Code will never work correctly, because the test is always FALSE:

if (channel_3 <= 100 && channel_3 >= 150){
SetMotor (1, 127);
SetMotor (10, 127);

channel_3 can not simultaneously be Less Than Or Equal to 100 and Greater Than** Or Equal to**** 150** or for EasyC 4.x, be Less Than** Or Equal to**** -27** and Greater Than** Or Equal to**** 23**.