Custom blocks? saving to file? viewing variables?

I like much of what I’ve seen so far.

Will the capability for users to create their own blocks be included at some point? I could envision using broadcast but that’s a rather clunky way to do things.

Also - what about saving data to a file? or viewing variables somewhere besides the brain’s screen?



Sorry for missing this! I didn’t realize there was a separate thread. My reply is copied from the main release thread below:

“My Blocks” as Scratch 3.0 uses them will be a future update beyond the 1.0 release.

“Saving Data” is a bit more difficult due to the memory limitations of the VEX IQ, however we planning on adding datalogging and sensor viewing capabilities in a future update.


For VEX Code IQ Blocks…Just wanted to follow up and see when we might expect the capability to save data (obtained when the robot is running) to a file? Thanks!

There’s so little memory on the IQ hardware that the data logging functionality will likely require a stream back to the computer. We plan on adding data-logging during our 2020 developments, ideally before the end of summer / back to school timeframe.


You mean a stream back to the computer like RobotC has?

Something akin to that, although not identical…

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