Custom Blocks (VCS)

Is it possible to make and save custom blocks for other students to use in vex coding studio (Graphical version) I would like to make a series of short codes for them to use in their programs.

Judging by the category this is in, this is about a middle or high school team. Have you considered instead using text-based code such as Vex C++?

Yes, but we also use it in our lower levels, so it would be nice to do in graphical.

What do you mean by custom blocks? Functions? Classes?

Not really custom blocks but more so a stack of code that could be saved and used in your program later. A way to save some time. I was wondering if we could save that section of code as a block or something similar and use it when necessary.

best you could do right now is to switch to the text tab and copy the block code as text, then in a new program paste it back again, not ideal, and sometimes VCS gets confused, but that’s the only way.