Custom Cables aren’t working

We’re trying to use custom cables for certain parts on our robot, but it’s not working. We’ve cut them to size, we’ve stripped them, the spikes are digging in, but they’re not working.
What the heck do we do?

Picture? Also you do know one side has to be flipped. Always place the end on the left side by yellow. So if the yellow is on the right side flip it over. Show a picture if you are confused and I can explain.


Make sure you are following these directions.

But if you are using the vex crimp tool, many have had issues with it creating good connections. I don’t know if there is a solution to this other than getting a better tool.


Re: VEX crimping tool is bad; you should get a better crimping tool


I don’t doubt you that there are better tools available, but will also say I have made several cables with the vex tool with no failures.

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I don’t think the crimping tool is the worst thing in the world- with any tool, it will be hard to get a quality cable. Robosource sells a cable tester that can verify that your cable is operating as it should. We have used this cable and not blown a single port or motor in two tournaments. When I first bought the tester, I found a 50% failure rate for the cables we had. I would recommend that all teams do continuity tests on all their cables plus periodic retest. The design of the connectors makes it very easy to have shorts.


I know some people have. My old team bought 2 of the VEX crimping tools (without consulting me :roll_eyes:), and I have personally had success with one of them but not the other.

So I am not convinced the QC on the VEX crimping tool is good enough to make up for the fact that it has a plastic die.

Also, let me reiterate that you can get better crimping tools for cheaper and with free shipping.


When crimping the adapter/end of the wire on, we realized that problems only occur if a wire isn’t reaching far enough (not all the wires, a single wire). The solution we found that has allowed us to use the same custom wires for months without issues is when creating the new custom cable, try to keep the cable as straight and flat as possible from start to finish. Slightly bending or curving the wire makes the wires want to shrink into the tubing as they physically have to move longer. Once you crimp it, however, the issue should never occur.


image image image



We have one like that but it doesn’t seem to work

If it lights red that means that the cable and the motor is working then it is code. If it does light red try connecting it to another motor that you have spare and see if it lights if not then check the port with another cable . And then if it doesnt light red in the motor port then the port is dead.

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Yea flip it over Yellow on left.

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image your wires aren’t far enough in this is a picture of a wire pushed all the way in


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