Custom charger case legality

So, I’ve taken apart all of my OFFICIAL vex chargers, and I’m currently soldering all them together to make a 5 charger brick with one plug. But I just remembered that for some reason, non official vex chargers aren’t allowed. Would doing this kind of modification (removing official chargers from their cases and putting them in a custom case) be legal? What do I do if it’s not?


This is one of my least favorite vex rules. We just bought enough batteries we don’t HAVE to recharge at the event.

Our chargers tend to get warm, making a brick might cause some heat dissapation issues even on safe mode. But I wouldn’t use those at a comp, since they technically are modified electronics.

I don’t think this is safe, and highly discourage this since you are playing with line voltage. There is a reason for why chargers have an enclosure. To keep you from being electrocuted.

Implying I don’t know what I’m doing

which is why it will have a colling fan

Yes that is entirely accurate.

Yeah, but if you build 5 in the same manner you have the 2, it won’t work that well. Most heatsinks are an array of fins for a reason, not a giant metal brick. Not sure how well having a fan on it will actually work. It would probably be easier to just build a custom power cord that goes from one outlet to 5 of the charger plugs.

Super not legal.

the chargers are dissipating heat through a plastic case, and just have metal plates contacting the sides of the case, even if i just have it ventilate by having the heated air rise, it will cool better :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he may need to learn about how electricity can be painful.

already have

@DRow Can I get a definitive answer as to if this is legal?

You shouldn’t be encouraging this activity on Vex Forum.

That’s not my call. Anything concerning legality of a part or modification should be asked in the Official Q&A.

Safety issues aside, another main reason why vex banned non-vex or customised chargers is because there were some teams (in the past) that used non-vex chargers to over-charge their batteries. It is unfair.

As Long as you are confident of your customisation, you can use it in your lab. But don’t think it will be allowed for competition.

UPDATE, I ended up shocking myself lol, I’m putting this project on hold for now

My guess is it is illegal, you aren’t allowed to modify electrical components and you must use their chargers.

Also, there is a UL listing stamped on the back. This design was tested for safety as-is, I wouldn’t let you plug it into the wall.

I think it’s cool you are thinking out of the box, but this one is dangerous so I’d skip it.

My post was too late :wink: