Custom Controls

I was just wondering about the possibility of using custom controls for vex robots (similar to OI’s that FRC teams make). I really do not have a lot of knowledge about the vex transmitter, so I need help on this one. If possible, such a setup would only be used by tether cable to simplify things. If there is in fact a processor in the transmitter that is used to send information to the robot, how hard would it be to actually take apart a transmitter and wire your own controls? (transmitters can be bought for 15$~ on ebay).

I don’t know… but that is on my to-do list for this summer. I’m going to take apart and analyze the Vex transmitter. Then mount everything neatly on a lexan-8020 board and customize the joysticks and buttons. Shouldn’t be too hard, but I haven’t cracked one open yet.

If you do, please post lots of pictures!!!

Are you talking about using custom joysticks with VEX or just custom control set ups on the controller?

This is a way to make “more” custom control setups with EasyC I think. I still have yet to lay around with this, and maybe you already know, but in EasyC under rc control below all the tank 2-4 motor etc. there is an option Rx input. I only looked at the parameters it took briefly but it appears that you could use that to set something like if you press 5 and 6 at the same time do this.

Yes I know about this and actually used it in my robot.

I was talking about connecting different sticks and buttons to make your own custom control board.

I may be totally off base here, but I don’t think you could use totally different control sticks, ie, the flight stick from FRC kits. I’ll try to take apart the extra transmitter that I have tomorrow and get back to you guys.

What I was talking about was machining customized joysticks that will mate with the ones already in place.

The buttons I believe can be interchanged, so long as they have the same rating attributes.

r you guys talkin about trying to switch the back buttons with pot style controllers like the front

I believe MarkO or MRClark or something like that has a website where he has taken apart a transmitter, the servos, and the microcontroller, take a look at that and see what you can do. I think that is what you are looking for.

I was not talking about such a big joystick, but either way it should still work ( I think). Basically, all sticks work the same way (variable resistance), unless there is something I am not catching.
My idea was taking apart the transmitter and laying out the analog and digital inputs on a board. Maybe using pots instead of the stick, using cool buttons etc. These could be wired to the current controller inside the transmitter (if there even is one).

BTW, the site that is posted above does not contain pics of a disassembeled transmitter.

Thanks for the help guys…

This actually seems like an intresting idea. I wonder if FVC would allow it if you made custom controls?

Okay, so that’s exactly what I was thinking. There should be a controller inside the transmitter, otherwise it wouldn’t be programmable.

Okay, so I’ve disassembled my extra transmitter in under 30 minutes. What I’ve found are a lot of wires, several boards, and buttons. All packaged neatly in one transmitter. However, upon disassembling it I now have a mess of not-so-random electrical parts on my desk.

I used four basic tools: three sizes of phillips head screwdriver and some snips.

You’ll need to snip the wire that goes to the power plug-in and some glued clips. Also, when removing the trim buttons, you’ll need to snip away a chunk of the outer casing, a dremel might work for this but I don’t recommend it.

I’m attempting to upload photos right now, but my memory stick is giving me a hard time and I don’t know where the transfer cord is.

*WARNING: Disassembling the transmitter voids the warranty.

EDIT: Here are the picture links… there’s a lot of steps in between the photos.



As you can see in the last photo, there is the cut away part I referred to. It was kind of a hassle to cut it out but it needed to be done. I also hope that that large board that was over the processor was just a protective piece, I had to cut it off to get to the very last screw hidden underneath.

Again, don’t do this without prior knowledge of what you’re doing. Tomorrow I’m gong to mount this onto some plexiglass and a project casing. I’ll customize the buttons/joysticks later.](

The links you posted don’t work.

You should be able to see them now. I had used the Photobucket HTML tag instead of the URL link.

:smiley: Maybe I’m a little late but if your trying to make your own remote with the vex remote you should defenitly check out this link:

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I got my extra transmitter & receiver kit for $4. and was dissapointed after i saw one going for 99 cents

yah, but how much was shipping?