Custom Flywheels

As a recent post was asking about I’d like to take it one step further.
What do you guys think of custom made flyhwheels such as the one I have attatched below?
What are the advatages of one?
Are they better than the standard wheels?
As for me I don’t have any experience with a custom made wheel so I’d love to hear some opinions.
Credit for the picture goes to whoever made it, not my picture nor my robot, sadly I do not know the team number.560466340069192560.jpg

I would say that theyare too bulky, and a larger flywheel does not help you unless you have more weight.
PS: look on the table, there is a paper that says team 78900.

I think they can be good and bad. you can control the circumference and weight but you have to find a template and the materials to do it

They are really hard to balance unless done properly. I tried making one by wrapping lexan around a 6 in spoke wheel, and it wobbled like crazy when above 1000 RPM. At 2000 it was moving the robot off the table.

Haha good catch
Also I agree with the weight part, they are only as heavy as those vex legs get.

That makes sense, but if you are going to make one you should use a CNC machine

Alright, So the robot that my team and I are building has flywheels. However, we are using the traction wheels. When an object is be launched by flywheels you need multiple points of contact between the wheels and the object (in this case the ball). This insures that there will be no slippage between the wheels and the object. If the slippage does occur the object will lose launch range. In the picture above there are only two contact points for each wheel. In my opinion there needs to be more. Also those custom pieces look pretty thin and could possible damage the balls. This could end up in a DQ.
Hope This Helps!,
Team 255B, Dan Stein!

You can find a picture of two custom flywheels in this thread, Concept: Really large flywheel.

Making a flywheel out of metal makes it REALLY heavy and unbalanced. Unbalanced wheels cause a lot of vibration in the robot.

Custom non-shattering plastic wheels have some promise. In the linked thread you can see a light weight custom flywheel. I think it would be interesting to build that type of flywheel but trade out aluminum standoffs in place of the rubber bands as the outer rim of the wheel.

Well I’m aware of that, I have the top robot in Michigan ATM, I was looking for someone who maybe built one of these themselves. As for the contact points I totally agree with you, that is one of the main reasons I never touched this concept along with the fact that it may be unstable.