Custom Gusset X-Drive Tutorial

Hey, a few people asked if I could help with Custom Gusset X-Drives, so I just made a tutorial. First CAD tutorial I’ve made so I have no clue how good it is, but hopefully it can achieve it’s goal and help get the Custom Gusset X-Drive used a bit more, as it’s a really powerful chassis. Just building one helps to learn a ton about how to CAD and a deeper understanding of VEX engineering. Here’s the link -


Looks nice. Later when I get my recording setup finished (I’m moving in still), I might take a crack at this in F360.

Inventor has changed a bit over the years. Interesting…

Thanks! If you do make one for F360 lmk, I entirely forgot some teams use that to CAD, so I’ll put the link in my vid’s description. Thankfully, this video was really meant to teach the method used to make the chassis, so I think teams could still use F360 with this vid hopefully.

Hi my teams a bit weird and we use a software called onshape and I need to make a gusset for a 2.75 inch wheel x-drive chassis. I was wondering if you knew how to do that thanks.

Please don’t revive older threads, especially as old as this one. If you have CAD related issue, it might be a good idea to join the VEX CAD discord server & ask it on there, or ask it in your own topic.

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