Custom LED License Plate Legality

So I’m confused on the license plate rules and the rules for using LEDs on one’s robot. My main question is, would it be legal to have a license plate that is frosted polycarb, with the letters painted white, that you then use LEDs on the backside of the frosted polycarb to light up the license plate the color of your alliance, this is provided that the LEDs used meet all of the rules for their use, i.e. not using an Arduino, etc…, and my second question is, what would be a legal way to have LEDs on my robot?

Sounds like a neat idea, but whatever you do, have a set of standard plates ready just in case the inspector at your particular event doesn’t go for it.

There’s a particular level of flexibility in the license plates, given that 3D printed plate holders are allowed for creativity, and LED lights as non-functional decorations are also Allowed by the game manual


Second question first, there are lots of ways to put lights on your robot, look for @Sylvie set of awesom posts on the code.

On the license plate, what is your backup plan for when this does not work? You get to the field it’s dark, the referee is not going to be happy.

And then my question, can you tell me your build secret to have a World Class Robot ™ ready this early in the season that you have time to fool with a color change license plate set?


Yeah, I was for sure going to make sure that I had a set of official plates and a holder for them ready if need be.

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Backup plan is to have a set of official plates ready if need be, and for your question I have had this idea since the beginning of last year and I’m just checking to see if this is even legal to do before I put to much thought or any effort into doing this on my robot.


I have specifically considered this, and I had begun working on the process to develop this myself before some other things came up.

I see no reason why this wouldn’t be legal, as long as the text is white.

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Ok, awesome, one more question, are you able to use an arduino for controlling the LEDs or no?

you legit said urself it was illegal :sob:

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…what? There is no need to use an external microcontroller for this.

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I was looking into it some more and I saw something that made it look like it was legal, but I’m really confused at this point

how would one do that tho?

you can use the 3wire ports directly with a certain type of led. @Sylvie knows more ab it than me and she nade a lib for it

oh really? I was unaware that there were LED strips you could use directly with the 3 wire ports



Ok, Thank you!
(20 char)

I don’t know if this is legal but I thought I’d ask.

Would it be legal if you were to illuminate the white lettering the alliance color with a darker surrounding color?

Imo, this should be legal as the alliance color is very clear as well as the color of the lettering is still white, but refracts a different color. The lighting does not change the color of the plate itself, but changes the color of light that people see, appearing either red or blue.

This is kind of an edge case but I think it would be really cool if pulled off.

Looks>function my friend:)

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Strictly speaking, making the robot look pretty is VASTLY more important than doing well in competition.


Yea, super embarrassed that I forgot that, thanks for the reminders.


No. The game manual is specifies that licence plates need to be white text. <R24.C> Team numbers must be in white font.. if they refract to look cooked, there is a dent chance the head ref deems then illegal.