Custom painted VEX controllers

I used to do a lot of nerf blaster painting and modding, so I have a lot of experience painting plastic parts in various ways; but due to VEX, I’ve had no time for nerf projects. Recently, I hydro dipped some controllers, and they came out beautiful. After sharing pictures of them around and getting suggestions to paint more controllers, I’ve decided I’m going to be taking commissions from the vex community for them. You can either ship me your controller, or buy a new one and have it shipped to my house (preferred), I will then paint it and ship it to you. Commissions start at $20 for simple painting, and go up to $40 to hydro dip with a custom film. Here’s how you can obtain a painted controller:
1: Be over 16 or have an adult approve this, I don’t want to deal with painting a controller then having you not pay for it or not give me your address so I can ship it.
2: ask your mentor if you can get a custom painted controller, and make sure that you have all the money needed to cover all expenses that will apply.
3: Send me a direct message that describes what you want, and I will work out how much it will cost you there.
Attached are some pictures of the controllers I painted.

These look nice! Will this process affect status light functionality?

when I painted my controller, I temporarily removed the plastic columns that guide the status lights and replaced them during reassembly. In other words, It will not effect the functionality

Very cool!!!

…Could you make it affect functionality? Those lights are blinding!