Custom polycarbonate drivetrain cutout

I just wanted to know if any teams had a premade drivetrain cutout much like this?

i put a picture of some cutouts, which is similar to what i am wanting to use

You can make them yourself with inventor or fusion, because not every drivetrain is the same.


Lmao no that’s mine. These aren’t even parts that 4082 and I have similar versions of.

Some corrections, these were both not cut out well, and also none of these went on the drivetrain. This was all for decoration. The parts for our drivetrain (shown below) were like 4082’s, though I designed them myself to the exact specs I needed.

You can design the gussets you need for your own chassis with Inventor or a CAD program of your choice. If you have a specific question about that you can ask here, or in the VEX CAD discord.

edit: or wait you’re a local team you can ask me directly.


thanks, yeah i wasn’t sure will be sure to ask you :+1:t2:

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