Custom Slides

We were experimenting with different slide ideas for a cascading tray and we have concluded that the slides that vex sells are too bulky. So as many others have done, we would like to make a custom sliding mechanism. However, our current custom slide design, though it is smooth, is very bulky and we don’t want to use it as we think there is probably a better idea out there. Do any of you have a good and compact sliding mechanism that you would be willing to share? Any help is appreciated!

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this but the spacers for the rubber bands on the new v5 claw are exactly the right size for aluminum c-channel slides. No more buying or custom-cutting spacers!
It’s worked incredibly well for our cascade so far


I have noticed that they can be used as rollers for a slide but i have not found a way to efficiently make a sliding mechanism with them.

You should be able to just put rubber bands at the target position and the starting position and put a moving piece in the way so it doesnt expand until that part moves

The old black spacers (the ones still measured in mm). work great for sliding c channels. you might need to trim/grind the sliding bar though to get it smooth.

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