Custom Task Scheduling In VEXCode

Hey! The end of the season looks different this year, and I have less to do than normal to prepare for worlds. So, I decided to spend my time working on multitasking in autonomous. I went into this with basically no prior knowledge, since I do most of my coding outside of VEX in python and Java.

Anyway, I felt that a lot of the resources for multitasking/threading were somewhat hard to grasp, and I kind of went down a month-long rabbit hole that lead me here. The time I had to mess with this coincided with the timeframe I had to complete my final project for computer science, and somehow I convinced him to let me work on my robot for a grade. I created a custom task scheduler in C++ to better understand how multitasking works, and I hope some of you get a kick out of it.

Just to address the elephant in the room, I did include some code. I considered removing it for posting here, but I decided to leave it since the runtime analysis really makes no sense without it, and the code I did include is very basic, and helps show how the system works.

pls dont judge harshly thx ly bye


Additional video of the 2 videos side by side

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