Cutoff for spamming

How would we define spamming?
If I were to post 5 new posts in a row that, in my opinion, has some substance to it, would it count as spamming?

Depends how much substance really. If they don’t add information, it is spam. It’s subjective, and it’s up to you to suggest if it’s spam, or not.


It’s kind of like art, you know it when you see it.


No. if you have genuine questions or things to share i would not count it as spam. I would count it as being an active and curious menmber of the vex community


In the same topic? Learn to use the edit button to merge them into one post.

As a rapid fire chat between two of you? Unless there is some really good data transfer ( like it’s some of the threads that are trying to debug a code problem) then it seems like spam.

If you are hard pressed to make the posts exceed the 50 char minimum, then it could seem to be spam.

If you get direct messages from other people on the forum saying you might want to think more about posts, it may appear to look like spam.

Strive for a high signal to noise ratio. Maybe go to the extreme of saying "Is this post worthy of a heart :heart:, if I saw it from someone else, would I give my post a heart? "

Good luck!