Cutting C-channel Autodesk Inventor


I am currently learning how to cad on Autodesk Inventor and it has been going great until I stumbled upon the fact that when I tried to cut a c-channel, it applied to all the previously placed c-channels. I can’t figure out a way to make a cut specific to the c-channel I’m working with. If anyone knows the solution, that would be greatly appreciated.

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it’s probably because you’re editing the base part. Think if it this way - you’re basically “broadcasting” that piece to a bunch of different areas. Inventor looks for the part file name or whatever, and looks at it, says, this is what it is, and transmits that to every receiver, or instance where the part is being used. Updating the original will update all of those based off of it.

What you need to do is create a copy of the c-channel, rename it something different, and then edit that.



Just tried that but still cuts the other C-channels. I might be doing something wrong but I did rename it and tried editing,

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you have to save the c-channel you want to cut as a completely different file.

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Take the original, ctrl+c and then ctrl+v, rename before you open it.

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Still doesn’t work…

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make sure that inventor, when looking for the c-channel, is looking in the right place. It might work if you delete all instances that you created, as well as the original, and drag and drop the original with the exact same file name in from somewhere else. You could also try looking at a pre-made library, perhaps try:

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That’s the library I’m using

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ok let me try to break it down.

  1. open the c-channel you are trying to cut.

  2. save a copy as your new c-channel.

  3. cut the new file

  4. save and close it.

  5. now you should have 2 separate files, one for your original c-channel, and one for the new length of c-channel.

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Ah i got it. Thanks a lot and pardon my stupidity.