Cutting down on elimination teams

We were at a competition this past weekend and problems with the vexnet caused the competition to be around an hour and a half behind schedule once the qualification matches were over. They then proceeded to give(in the elimination rounds) the 1st and 2nd seeds a bye in the first round because they cut out the 5th and 6th seeds. I was wondering if this was an acceptable way of handling this(because they threw away 6 teams chances at getting to state)/is there a ruling on this that I have just missed?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
I apologize if i put the thread in a place where non-moderators can’t respond.

P.S. it was a level 2 tournament btw. It had 36 teams.

All of the wording in the Tournament section of the manual is flexible. It says that tournaments “may” be run this way. It leaves it open for EP flexibility to what they need to do. I have not personally seen a 36 team tournament use 6 alliances, nor do I recommend that other tournaments use this format. But there is no rules against it