Cutting in Autodesk

So I recently got my new computer and got Inventor pro 2016 downloaded onto it and start cadding my robot. I’ve run into a spot though where I need a 1x2 cut down to 5 holes long. I researched on how to do this and I’ve gotten familiar with doing the plane and using the extrude feature. The only problem is that when I cut it, it leaves the imates on there and just gets rid of the solid part. Then when I imported that part into my assembly there weren’t any imates at all and I couldn’t figure out how to turn the visibility on for the just the ones I need. Any suggestions of how to fix this? I really want to be able to keep the imates on the new 1x5 piece if possible. Do I need to use a different tool? In short, I need to be able to cut down a piece and have it also delete all the now irrelevant imates.

Another question: I’m wanting to get more into the animation part of the robot as I’m about half done with the model. I need to know exactly how to mesh gears and still have them rotate together when I create an animation and I need to know how to make an animation of the robot that makes parts move.

Last question: How to I do the wiring? I haven’t found any tutorials on this but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it done somewhere…

I’m using the beta version of the 2016 BNS cad library. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and respond :slight_smile:

Here’s one way.

For the gears, make sure they mesh by rotating them so they align, then constrain them to the drive shaft at the right angle.

As for getting them to move together, apply a motion constraint. Select 2 round faces on the gears, then in the ratio, type (First Selected gear teeth)/(Second selected gear teeth)

Make sure you click the constraint type where the gears turn in opposite directions

For gears and sprockets, use a rotational constraint, this way you can set the ratio between them. If you want to really go all out and model (or animate) a chain, which I don’t really recommend except for “show and tell” purposes, here is a tutorial on how I do that.

Thanks, that really helped :slight_smile:

When I tried this it just said to select a curve to use the tool and it wouldn’t let me pick the workplane or an edge of the metal :confused:

This is my go to cutting method. You then have to more or less by hand remove the imates that remain. (They are ordered so you should be able to easily find the end of a section and the beginning and select large amounts of imates.)
IMates are just spacial relationships to a piece and don’t require material to exist at the location of the mate.

If you brought the uncut version in it had IMates and the cut version didn’t have any? Usually when I add a part to an assembly the IMates are all still visible.