CV Joint

Seeing other posts about universal joints got me to thinking about the CV joints I saw on an old remote control 4x4 that I got from Radio Shack a few years ago. (I have tried to capture the CV joint concept in the attached drawing.) The concept is very simple. The drive shaft ends in a ball with four pins poking out. The socket side has four slots to receives the ball and has slots to engage the pins.

The socket could be made from plastic and could be formed to snap onto the drive shaft ball. (Otherwise the end user must ensure the ball stays in the socket.) The remaining challenge is to affix the ball on the end of the drive shaft. Nevertheless, there are only a few parts to the whole setup (similar to a U joint). The advantage is allowance of steeper angles between the axles.


mine are still being machined my friend still doing them on his free time and i’m at work so no hurry but i am wanting to check some of these out. is the home page for this company check them out

i had a friend that lived in gorgia that a r/c monster truck from radio shack it wuz green i think he could do wheelys and stoppys or front wheelys with it but since it wuz like 3x years old one of the back drive shafts broke:eek: so it cant do wheelys any more but it can still do front wheelys :smiley: so i wuz just wondering if this is the r/c you where talking about??

Nope, couldn’t do wheelies. It wasn’t that fast or powerful. It did have a two speed transmission in it though. It was yellow and had a black roll-bar behind the cab. The truck used four C batteries and a 9 volt for the radio.


I’ve never seen that type of joint before. Nice idea!