Cycle Speeds

Hi guys! so my team has made a cycle bot that can cycle a full goal in about 5-7 seconds, is everyone doing similar or do we need to crank up the heat? If so, how do you think I should go about this?

( I mesure 1 full cycle as 3 balls (red) in the goal are replaced with 3 new balls (blue) in the goal)

How are you measuring your cycle speed? Is it three balls out of the goal and three into it from your robot? The general answer is yes and no. If your goal is to cycle entire goals at a fairly fast rate then yes you will need to be faster. However, many matches do not require you to cycle a full goal. Make sure that you can cycle one or two balls quickly so that you can easily take back ownership of a goal without taking six seconds to cycle three balls.


that’s pretty slow compared to what you could be getting. 1-2 seconds is about the maximum we’ve seen, so I would aim for at least 3 seconds or quicker.

to achieve this you need to be able to continuously fire balls and have them always land in the goal. you also need to be able to continuously descore without having to back away, faster than you can score.


From my testing, the best thing you can do to increase your cycle speed is to spend a lot of time on tuning. The specifics of the design are not really that important; what is important is optimizing your spacing and continually adjusting for higher speed/efficiency.


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