Cyclone Alliance Applications are Open!

Hello all VRC teams!

For those of you who don’t know yet, we’re opening an alliance for veteran teams to discuss ideas, as well as any “rookie” teams that have done well in the past season. The purpose of our alliance is to improve a group of veteran teams in the following season, as well as set up future teams for success. As of June 2018, we have the following teams in the alliance:

136S - 2019F - 7110A - 7110Z - 8110C - 25461Z

Due to management reasons, we’re only accepting high-school teams right now, but we may open up to middle school/VexU teams in the future.

We are not on a first come first serve basis. However, we are quite selective in our application process, so only send your best teams to facilitate the application process. Applications should close up around mid-season, but there are no confirmed dates right now.

We hope for the best of luck to all VRC teams!

  • The Cyclone Alliance

Link to Application

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Where’s the free shirt and hoodie

How many years would you consider “veteran”, and If someone was already in an alliance, would they have to leave that alliance?

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In terms of “veteran”, we look at quality over quantity. Just because you’ve been doing vex for 5-6 years doesn’t mean you necessarily have more knowledge than a team that’s been doing vex for 2-3 (although it is typically the case). So, “veteran” could pertain to anyone who isn’t a rookie team (first year). The length that a team has been doing robotics for is just one of many.

To answer your question about alliances:


But, we might restrict this in the future, so keep that in mind (of course, exceptions can be made :smiley: )

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Merch store will open up sometime in summer :wink:

What are alliances for? I have never had it explained to me.

Alliances are basically for teams around the world to be able to share ideas and concepts without worrying about people stealing them. It also can be to bring teams under the same roof by providing a way to make themselves known.

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While I’m not a veteran team, I’ve definitely accomplished a ton for a first year team and hope you consider my application.


I forgot to mention but we have been doing robotics for the last 4 years. @potatofryer2

thanks for the mention!

At this point, there are so many alliances it basically isn’t any special to join an alliance. I guess it had a novelty when there were only 3 alliances Disco, Blitz, and Vortex but now…

This post is so misinformed it’s a bit laughable :slight_smile: . There have been countless alliances since VEX started. Just because they aren’t super popular doesn’t mean that they never existed.

Secondly, joining an alliance isn’t supposed to be special. An alliance should be people you trust talking about strategy, design, e.t.c without worries of leeks. It’s not some popularity contest where “If you join this clique alliance you become more popular well known around the world.”


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EDIT//: Wow, uhh… I didn’t expect the image to be that big

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@potatofryer2 can one of the 7110 teams make a reveal like this one this season?

Ok, I might’ve gone overboard with this post lol. For that, I am sorry to anyone I offended, mostly Connor for not mentioning TVA. What I meant was that it’s really hard to keep up with all the alliances but that really doesn’t matter because of the true purpose of what an alliance is for. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I definitely will be doing that

-Walker 2018/19 7110A

@potatofryer2 When can we expect a notification from the alliance? Will you notify us if we are accepted or rejected, or just if accepted?

You should have received an email from us by now. If not, send the email address to me via DM (on the forum).